• Nomadic felt
    Nomadic felt

    Felt mid-20th century from the center...

    500,00 € -50% 1 000,00 €

New products

  • Mut Kilim
    Mut Kilim

    Mid-20th century from south of Turkey...

    816,67 €
  • Antalya Kilim
    Antalya Kilim

    antique rug mid-20th century, from...

    358,33 €
  • New kilim - Contemporary pattern
    New kilim -...

    new rug, hand made, grey, beije 100 wool

    1 500,00 €
  • Çal Kilim
    Çal Kilim

    Antique Kilim Circa 1940, from west...

    900,00 €

How can you keep your kilims in place


A criticism often heard about kilim is that they slip on the floor or get creased. To avoid this, as well as to protect our rugs from the wear and tear resulting from friction, Galerie TRIFF systematically offers an anti-slip rug underlay, which is just laid on the floor and requires no glue. While its material enables the kilim to remain perfectly in place, this underlay adds softness to the rug.