• Nomadic felt
    Nomadic felt

    Felt mid-20th century from the center...

    500,00 € -50% 1 000,00 €

New products

  • Mut Kilim
    Mut Kilim

    Mid-20th century from south of Turkey...

    816,67 €
  • Antalya Kilim
    Antalya Kilim

    antique rug mid-20th century, from...

    358,33 €
  • New kilim - Contemporary pattern
    New kilim -...

    new rug, hand made, grey, beije 100 wool

    1 500,00 €
  • Çal Kilim
    Çal Kilim

    Antique Kilim Circa 1940, from west...

    900,00 €

Choosing a kilim ?

To determine your carpet size, measure the place where you want to put it or spread and fold a bed-sheet at the wished size – this will give you an idea of the right proportions. Make sure to note down minimum and maximum lengths in order to have a larger choice range.

Front of a couch

Kilim length must be at least equal to the width of the couch. Sofa on the carpet or off the mat? There is no real rule, which may eventually determine the choice is the reason kilim.

Under a table

Add about 50 cm on each side of the table to help install the chairs. This rule is used primarily for knotted carpets. The kilim is thin, the back legs of the chairs can exceed the kilim.

In a corridor

Allow at least 10 cm between the wall and kilim.