Antique kilims

Eastern tradition in Western decoration

Women learned the art of kilim weaving from their mothers or grandmothers. Each region had its own way of spinning wool, its own patterns and its own palette of colors. These ancient kilims, sometimes woven for dowry, were always intended for domestic use. These carpets were woven without the use of drawing boards, which gives them a real personal touch and makes them unique. Their beauty depends on the way the weaver has interpreted the motifs and combined the colors. That's why we choose our kilims one by one, selecting only the very best.


NT240222  -  260 x 81 cm

Kilim mid-20th century, southwest Turkey

These kilims were woven to hang above a sofa. Today, they fit perfectly in a corridor, an entrance hall or alongside a sofa.

The colors of this kilim are softer than those usually used in this region.