• Nomadic felt
    Nomadic felt

    Felt mid-20th century from the center...

    500,00 € -50% 1 000,00 €

New products

  • Kilim Eşme
    Kilim Eşme

    Antique flatweave strong weaving

    1 316,67 €
  • Antalya Kilim
    Antalya Kilim

    vintage rug mid-20th century, from...

    1 208,33 €
  • Mut Kilim
    Mut Kilim

    Mid-20th century from south of Turkey...

    791,67 €
  • Eşme Kilim
    Eşme Kilim

    Antique rug midd 20th century from...

    1 833,33 €
  • Afyon Kilim
    Afyon Kilim

    Kilim mid-20th century from...

    1 283,33 €
  • Afyon Kilim
    Afyon Kilim

    Antique kilim, soft colors, for...

    733,33 €
  • Tavas Kilim
    Tavas Kilim

    Kilim mid-20th century from...

    350,00 €
  • Çorum Kilim
    Çorum Kilim

    Antique rug - Small pattern Very...

    2 066,67 €
  • Kilim Afyon
    Kilim Afyon

    Antique rug, graphic, bright colors

    2 083,33 €

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