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Our criteria of quality, authenticity and aesthetics have always led us to choose our antique kilims one by one, selecting only the most beautiful among them.
As for our new kilims, they are always hand-woven with hand-spun wools and are exclusive creations of the TRIFF gallery.
With the same care and the same spirit, we have completed our kilim collection with some hand-knotted rugs, weavings, hand-embroidered suzanis and a beautiful selection of cushions.


KA240535  -  148 x 100 cm

Kilim early 20th century, southwest Turkey

This kilim has a great freedom of interpretation of the motifs, which are abundant with a beautiful tree of life in the center.

The dense colors underline the motifs, and the white is woven with cotton to accentuate the contrast.


AT240412  -  198 x 153 cm

Contemporary new Kilim, a subtle mix of ancestral know-how and modern design. This Kilim is the result of a traditional, eco-friendly weaving technique handed down from generation to generation in the villages around Antalya, in south-east Turkey.

New kilim, hand weaved with the most beautiful wool handspun and vegetable dyes.

Custom size possible


KA240531  -  327 x 188 cm

Late 19th century kilim from southwest Turkey

The design of this kilim is very characteristic of this region, being both tribal and refined.

This beautifully sized kilim rug has been woven in 2 parts, as is often the case with weavings from this period.


KA24056  -  321 x 200 cm

Circa 1940 Kilim from central Turkey

This 2-part woven kilim is very characteristic of the weavings of this region, both in pattern and color.

It has a beautiful dimension and would look equally well under a dining room table or in a large entrance hall.