At Galerie TRIFF, we're passionate about kilims, the woven rugs of the Near East, Caucasus and Central Asia,  which tell a unique story through their vibrant patterns and colors. We firmly believe that each kilim is a timeless work of art that merits being appreciated and cherished.

An incomparable collection selected piece by piece

In the heart of Paris's 7th arrondissement, Galerie TRIFF is a veritable Ali Baba's cave for art and culture lovers. Each kilim, carefully selected or designed by our teams, is a piece of history, a journey through time and civilizations. With over 600 pieces, our collection is the fruit of decades of experience, travel and collaboration. We've traveled to the remotest regions of Turkey, forged links with local craftsmen and discovered hidden treasures to offer you a choice unrivalled in France and Europe. Each kilim is an invitation to discover a rich heritage, a living tradition and ancestral know-how.

Ethical commitment at the heart of our values 

Galerie TRIFF doesn't just present kilims, it embodies a philosophy deeply rooted in respect, ethics and responsibility. Each kilim is the reflection of hours of work, dedication and passion by talented artisans. We firmly believe that it is our duty to ensure that these artisans are treated with fairness and dignity. 

That's why we maintain close, transparent relationships with our partners in Turkey, ensuring that every weaver benefits from fair remuneration and equitable working conditions. 

These are the same values that led us to choose the finest quality Turkish wools and the use of vegetable dyes to dye them, committing us well ahead of our time to eco-friendly production.

A passionate team to support you

At Galerie TRIFF, each kilim is chosen and unique.  We love to share our passion for kilim art and offer you a personalized customer experience. Every consultation, every piece of advice, every interaction is guided by in-depth expertise and a genuine desire to understand and meet your needs. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than working with you to find the kilim that will enhance your space. Our team is constantly on the lookout for the latest trends, while remaining rooted in the tradition and history of the kilim to match your vision with the rich and varied heritage we present.