• Fare production rug
    Denizli Perde

    New perde, hand weaved with hand spun...

    225,00 € -50% 450,00 €

New products

  • Kilim Eşme
    Kilim Eşme

    Antique flatweave strong weaving

    1 316,67 €
  • Antalya Kilim
    Antalya Kilim

    vintage rug mid-20th century, from...

    1 208,33 €
  • Mut Kilim
    Mut Kilim

    Mid-20th century from south of Turkey...

    791,67 €
  • Eşme Kilim
    Eşme Kilim

    Antique rug midd 20th century from...

    1 833,33 €
  • Afyon Kilim
    Afyon Kilim

    Kilim mid-20th century from...

    1 283,33 €
  • Afyon Kilim
    Afyon Kilim

    Antique kilim, soft colors, for...

    733,33 €
  • Tavas Kilim
    Tavas Kilim

    Kilim mid-20th century from...

    350,00 €
  • Çorum Kilim
    Çorum Kilim

    Antique rug - Small pattern Very...

    2 066,67 €
  • Kilim Afyon
    Kilim Afyon

    Antique rug, graphic, bright colors

    2 083,33 €

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The gallery extends over 155 square yards on several levels, all dedicated to material and colour. Our exceptional collection, unique in Europe, provides a large choice of collector’s, antique and modern kilims, including many large size rugs.

Given that a kilim is a significant decorative element, we take time to guide you and help you select several rugs. Before you validate your choice, you can try them on your premises with no obligation to buy.