New products

  • Mut Kilim
    Mut Kilim

    Mid-20th century from south of Turkey...

    816,67 €
  • Antalya Kilim
    Antalya Kilim

    antique rug mid-20th century, from...

    358,33 €
  • New kilim - Contemporary pattern
    New kilim -...

    new rug, hand made, grey, beije 100 wool

    1 500,00 €
  • Çal Kilim
    Çal Kilim

    Antique Kilim Circa 1940, from west...

    900,00 €

About us


Specialized in kilims since the early 1970s, Galerie TRIFF has strongly contributed to the promotion of the woven art in both Europe and France.

Ever since the gallery’s creation, we have always favored quality, authenticity, aesthetics and originality in the choice of our kilims.


Both antique and collector’s kilims were woven, for personal purposes, by women – both nomads and villagers. They did not use drawings: they based their weaving on the traditional motifs of their tribes or regions. Not all women had good weaving skills, a true eye for colour or a developed artistic sense, but there were many highly-gifted weavers.

Over the last forty years, we have been travelling to Turkey on a regular basis – 4 to 6 times a year, each time staying between 8 and 10 days. This has enabled us to establish a network of reliable partners, who give us access to their most beautiful pieces. We buy our carpets one by one (we never buy batches). Our collection only represents 5 to 10% of the number of pieces that have been shown to us. As for collector’s kilims, it is even scarcer, since it has become gradually more difficult to find this type of kilim.

With the same quality requirement, Galerie Triff has developed a large range of new kilims in both traditional and contemporary motifs.In 1990, we were the first, at Galerie Triff, to create contemporary kilims. From the very start, we have always chosen the highest quality wool – hand-spun and died with vegetable dye. This has made it possible to obtain the rich effects of matter and depth of colour that contemporary motifs call for. We have kept on enriching our catalogue with new models. Furthermore, Galerie Triff has now come up with a whole collection of kilims made from old wool and hemp reclaimed from weavings no longer in use. From start to finish, the whole fabrication process is still ensured by women in Turkish villages, and we regularly visit them in order to organize, and follow up on, the manufacturing of these kilims.