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Antalya Kilim

110 x 82 cm
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Kilim 2nd half of 20th century, from southern Turkey

The pattern and colors of these kilims are very characteristic of this region.

Perfect for brightening up an entrance or bedroom.

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Kilims rug from the Antalya region are woven from thick wools, sometimes with cotton warps.
Their geometric motifs are arranged in rows of interlocking hexagonal medallions. These carpets do not always have a side border. When they do, it's a very small "raked" border.
The colors used in this region are very varied and bright, and have powdered over time.

Weaving: Women learned the art of kilim weaving from their mothers or grandmothers.
Kilims were woven by hand, using hand-spun wool, which they dyed as they went along.

Patterns and colors: Each region had its own way of spinning wool, its own patterns and its own palette of colors.

These antique kilims were intended for domestic use.
They were woven without drawing boards, which adds a real personal touch and makes them unique pieces.
Their beauty depends on the way the weaver has interpreted the motifs and combined the colors.
That's why we choose our kilims one by one, to select only the most beautiful. 

110 x 82 cm

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Colors :
Area :
Country :
Kind of piece
Antique kilim
Material :
100 % wool - Hand-spun wool

Every day: you can vacuum, but not at maximum power. Avoid vacuum cleaners with rotating brushes.

Liquid spills: mop up as much liquid as possible and rub gently with a damp cloth. 

Grease stains: soak up as much grease as possible with paper towels or terre de Sommières.

Accidents involving animals: in this case, it's very important to act quickly, as animals release acids that will damage wool. Treat your kilim following the same advice as for spilled liquids. 

For a more thorough cleaning: it may be that the stains have not been completely treated, or that over the years, despite regular maintenance, dust has settled in and a grey veil has set in. In such cases, it's time to turn to a professional. 

That's why we offer a cleaning service, carried out by a company specialized in manual and wet carpet cleaning.

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