New kilim - Contemporary pattern

223 x 161 cm
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New kilim, hand weaved with the most beautiful wool, 30% of mohair, handspun and vegetable dyes.


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Contemporary new Kilim, a subtle blend of ancestral know-how and modern design. This Kilim is the fruit of a traditional weaving technique, respectful of the environment, handed down from generation to generation in the villages around Konya, in central Anatolia.

Model created for the TRIFF Gallery, and woven from our drawing boards that play with colors and materials.

Hand-woven, each kilim is carefully hand-woven, guaranteeing a detailed finish, exceptional durability and making it a unique piece.

Exceptional wools: the finest hand-spun wools, containing 30% mohair, are chosen for these pieces. This gives a softness and robustness to each kilim.

Vegetable dyes: wools are dyed with vegetable dyes, giving kilim rugs vibrant, natural shades. This dyeing technique adds movement and life to the weave, making each piece singularly beautiful.

223 x 161 cm

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Colors :
Vegetables dyes
Area :
Country :
Kind of piece
Contemporary pattern
Material :
100 % handspun wool, with 30% of mohair wool

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