New Oltenia Kilim

396 x 310 cm
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raditional new kilim from southeastern Romania.

Hand-woven with handspun wool

Exceptional size - Beautiful harmony of soft colors


This new Kilim is the result of a traditional, environmentally-friendly weaving technique.

The pattern is based on Oltenian kilims, woven in the Olt river region.
The motifs of these rugs are very European. They represent nature, flowers and birds, very much inspired by Romanian popular culture.
The color palette is very varied, but green is always used for foliage, and white or cream for contrast.

Hand-woven, each kilim is carefully woven by hand, guaranteeing a detailed finish, exceptional durability and making it a unique piece.

Exceptional wools: the best qualities of hand-spun wools are chosen for these pieces. This gives a softness and robustness to each kilim.

ARS dyes, the wools are dyed using the ARS color palette, which offers a multitude of pigments and makes it possible to achieve hues not possible with vegetable dyes.

396 x 310 cm

Data sheet

Colors :
Area :
Country :
Kind of piece
Floral motif
Traditional pattern
Material :
100% wool

Every day, the wool yarns used for weaving are between 5 and 10 meters long. The ends of the threads may protrude from the weave, but this does not weaken the carpet. If this is visually disturbing, you can cut them off. And over time, there will be less and less. In any case, to avoid accentuating this phenomenon, we recommend that you don't vacuum at maximum power and don't use brushes.

Liquid spills, wet the stain generously before rubbing and blotting. Perrier is a formidable ally against stains.

Grease stains,
 soak up as much grease as possible with paper towels or terre de Sommières.

Accidents involving animals,
 in this case, it's very important to act quickly, as animals release acids that will damage wool. Treat your kilim following the same advice as for spilled liquids.

For a more thorough cleaning,
 it may be that the stains have not been completely treated, or that over the years, despite regular maintenance, dust has settled in and a grey veil has set in. In such cases, it's time to turn to a professional.

That's why we offer a cleaning service, carried out by a company specialized in manual and wet carpet cleaning.

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