A Central Asian garden

The gallery's history with suzanis goes back a long way.
The refined, colorful floral decorations of these Uzbek borderies have always found a place in our world.
Whether used to decorate a wall, a bed or a table, these bouquets of flowers add a sunny touch to any room.


HM21094  -  233 x 174 cm

Suzani late 19th century, used as a wedding cloth symbolizing a passage.

The shape of the arch represents the Mihrab in the Islamic religion. In religious architecture and textiles, it is a symbol of passage, suggesting not only the existence of the beyond, the divine, but also the possibility of surrounding it.

In symbolism, the young couple lie down together under divine protection on their first night. According to custom, the empty, unembroidered part was to show proof of the bride's virginity.