How to maintain and clean your kilim effectively?

Kilims, traditional rugs from the Middle East, are art pieces in their own right, full of history and symbolism. Beyond their aesthetic beauty, these rugs require special care to preserve their shine and durability.

Routine care: Every day, your kilim is exposed to dust and dirt. To keep it clean, we recommend regular vacuuming. However, avoid using too high a power rating or vacuum cleaners with rotating brushes that could damage the kilim's delicate fibers.

Act quickly on stains: The effectiveness of stain removal depends to a large extent on the speed of intervention. If you spill red wine, forget the salt trick: contrary to popular belief, salt can set the stain instead of treating it. The best solution is still water, but with caution depending on the type of dye in your kilim.

Recognizing the type of dyes used: It's crucial to distinguish whether your kilim is dyed with vegetable or chemical dyes. If your carpet is dyed with vegetable dyes (like collectors' kilims), wet the stain generously before rubbing and blotting. Perrier is a formidable ally against stains.

For old, chemically-dyed kilims, on the other hand, a simple damp cloth will suffice. Be careful not to get the stain too wet, as this may cause the colors to bleed.

Specific treatment for common stains :

  • Liquid stains: Sponge up as much spilled liquid as possible and dampen the stain well with water.
  • Greasy stains: Absorb as much as possible with paper towels or terre de Sommières. If a mark persists, ox gall soap is a good solution: moisten the stain, rub with soap, leave for 15 minutes, then rinse.
  • Pet accidents: If your pet has a small accident on your kilim, act fast. The acids released can damage the wool. Use water or, better still, Perrier, following the recommendations for wine stains.

Professional cleaning: Even with the best home care, it's advisable to leave your kilim in the hands of professionals for a thorough cleaning every 5 to 10 years. The TRIFF gallery offers this type of service to ensure optimum longevity for your precious rug.

Taking care of your kilim is an art in itself. By following these recommendations and calling in the professionals when necessary, you can ensure that you preserve the beauty and integrity of this exceptional piece. For further advice or to take advantage of our cleaning service, please contact us at the TRIFF gallery.