Afshar Sofreh

137 x 134 cm
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Sofreh of the Afshar tribes, Iran - First half of the 20th century

This sofreh is wide open to interpretation. In the dense red center abstract motifs float in the dense red center, surrounded by a simple simple yet elaborate border.
A real contemporary painting, this piece can be mounted on the wall.


The word Sofreh refers to all textiles that could be spread out on the floor to serve as a table at mealtimes. They could also be used to make bread, covering the dough to make it rise, or to keep it warm. Given the symbolic value attached to food, great attention was paid to their simple, mysterious decoration.
Sofrehs woven by the Afshars tribes of central Iran are characterized by the use of the "weft float" technique, which creates relief patterns in the borders.
Some of these women have given free rein to their inspiration, like true artists, and without ever having been aware of art, they have created pieces of great abstraction and beauty.

137 x 134 cm

Data sheet

Colors :
Vegetebale and chimical
Area :
Country :
Kind of piece
Collector's kilim
Material :
100 % wool - Hand-spun wool

Every day: you can vacuum, but not at maximum power. Avoid vacuum cleaners with rotating brushes.

Liquid spills: mop up as much liquid as possible and rub gently with a damp cloth. 

Grease stains: soak up as much grease as possible with paper towels or terre de Sommières.

Accidents involving animals: in this case, it's very important to act quickly, as animals release acids that will damage wool. Treat your kilim following the same advice as for spilled liquids. 

For a more thorough cleaning: it may be that the stains have not been completely treated, or that over the years, despite regular maintenance, dust has settled in and a grey veil has set in. In such cases, it's time to turn to a professional. 

That's why we offer a cleaning service, carried out by a company specialized in manual and wet carpet cleaning.

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